Automatic Barriers

PSE Security Services provide a range of services for virtually all makes and models of Automatic Barrier Systems.

All services are available throughout Staffordshire, South Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire & Birmingham and available to Home and Business customers, Including all Domestic, Commercial and Industrial and organisations.

By dealing directly with some of the leading  automation manufacturers, this allows us to cut out the middle man and enables us to provide you a very competitive and affordable solution for Automation Barrier solutions.


Automatic Barrier Repairs

Has your automatic barrier system got a fault or has broken down, Maybe it’s been damaged by a vehicle.
If you're not sure what the problem is, why not give us a call and speak directly to an engineer who can help you.

Regardless of the make, model or the type of system you have installed or even who installed the system for you
we can provide a fast and efficient repair service to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Here is a brief list of some of the common faults that can occur with Automatic Barrier Systems, that we can repair.

·          Automatic Barrier is stuck in the Open position
·          Automatic Barrier is stuck in the Closed position
·          Automatic Barrier is not opening correctly or stop at an incorrect position.
·          Automatic Barrier is not closing correctly or stop at an incorrect position
·          Automatic Barrier is operating slower than normal or Juddering whilst moving
·          Automatic Barrier trips out your electrical supply or RCD when in operation
·          Automatic Barrier has started to lose remote control reception
·          Automatic Barrier has stopped working by remote control
·          Automatic Barrier has stopped working from your Access system or Gate intercom
·          Automatic Barrier has stopped opening by the vehicle induction loop sensor

As we stock a large range of spare parts for most of the leading manufacturers, some repairs are possible to be completed on the same day, however we should need to order replacement parts for your system then this will generally take 2-3 days for the parts to arrive.

Automatic Barrier Servicing

Regular Servicing and Maintenance of Automatic Barriers is proven to ensure the reliability of the performance,
it’s a proven fact that systems that are regularly serviced are far less likely to suffer from a fault or a breakdown.

It is of paramount importance that an electric gate system is serviced and maintained correctly according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Having your system serviced regularly not only ensures product life expectancy but also detects any potential mechanical or safety failures that are developing.

We can carry out a full system service to all makes, models and types of electric gate automation systems.
Our engineer will carry out a complete system service to manufacturer specification and visual safety inspection,
Servicing an Automatic Barrier System is typically completed within one hour, but can vary depending on your system.
The engineer will provide you with a detailed service certificate once your system has been completed.

Electric Gate Maintenance Stoke on Trent Staffordshire


Automatic Barrier Safety Testing : BS EN12453

PSE Security Services Ltd can carry out a full health and safety inspection of any Automatic Barrier System.
We have the specialist test equipment that is required to carry out safety testing to BS EN 12453 Standards.

Force Testing is a legal requirement that applies to all Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Automation Systems.

The specialist test instrument meter called a Leonardo Tester. This very expensive test instrument also known as a Force Tester, It is used to perform a series of measurements and to take various force and impact readings from the moving gates against an obstacle, post or pillar.

A series of safety tests are carried out by the force test meter, this can be anything from a minimum of 10 tests to over 27 tests per installation. Once all of the required tests have been carried out, the readings are analysed with special computer software to determine if it gives a PASS or FAIL test result.

Our electric gate engineers have been factory trained to to use the required test equipment and are qualified to issue safety certificates based on their up-to-date knowledge of the Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines,
This includes the regulations: BS EN 12453:2001, BS EN 12445:2001, BS EN 12635:2002, and BS EN 12604:2000.

Electric Gate Force Testing Stoke on Trent Staffordshire


Electric Gate Safety Overview

The Health and Safety Executive requires all automation installers to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of hazards to anyone using electric gate or barrier prior to design and installation, and for the design to eliminate or considerably reduce any risks identified. It also requires that persons responsible for the management and maintenance of electric gates amd barriers should be provided with appropriate documentation, instructions for use and training to operate and maintain the gates safely, and recommends that regular reviews or assessments should be undertaken to ensure the automatic gates & Barriers are maintained in a safe condition.

We would like to reassure customers that PSE Security Services Ltd strictly adheres to the required actions of the Health and Safety Executive and strongly encourage any private individuals or commercial organisations concerned about the safety of any existing automatic gates systems contact us to arrange a full safety inspection. We are committed to continued compliance within European safety standards and legislation. Additional safety features may need to be added to any existing systems in order to achieve compliance. Any additional safety devices required will vary for the type of system and installation environment of the the installed gates.

It is a legal requirement that all automatic gates are built to the relevant standards and carry the "CE" mark.
All automation systems provided by PSE Security Services Ltd will carry the "CE" mark and a certificate of conformity is issued for each installation along with a fully detailed force test approval certification.


Repairs Quotations

We are unable to provide automation repair quotation visits free of charge. In order for our engineers to provide you with a quotation to repair a fault, we firstly need to locate the problem. Due to the complexity of electric gate systems, it does take some time for our service engineers to correctly diagnose and locate the faults within the installation. Understandibly due to the time spent testing the system, this does incur costs to us before we can provide a quotation for the repair. For this reason we are unable to provide this free of charge . Therefore our engineers callout & labour charge for electric gate repair quotations starts at £75.00 + Vat

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