Checking Your Alarm System

Regular servicing of your alarm system.

Your Intruder alarm system is an extremly important tool for protecting your Home or Business, however its not something that should be taken for granted. As with all things electronic, from time to time things can go wrong and products can fail.  An Intruder alarm system can also fail if it is not correctly maintained and regularly serviced properly. It has been proven that regular maintenance of an alarm system does actually prolong the life of the system and preventing unwanted system faults or errors.

So, if you have a burglar alarm system in your home or business and have not had it fully serviced or maintained for a while, We strongly recomend that you contact a company to carry out a full service as soon as possible and maybe give some thought to entering into a regular service agreement with the installation company.One thing we always recomend is that the customer carries out basic regular checks at least once a month. Details of these routine tests are usually listed within your user manual or other documents provided.

These basic tests include things like fully setting the system and then activating an alarm by walking into different zones, rooms or areas. By doing these tests it ensures the detectors are working and youe external sirens are working just fine. As pointed out above, these are very basic checks to be carried out as a customer. It is strongly recomended that a full system service is carried out by a qualified engineer and a recognised alarm installation company.

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