Simple Steps To Prevent A Burglary

Burglary Prevention Steps

With burglary and thefts still on the rise, there are many families out there that are concerned protecting their homes and family safe. There are lots of preventative steps that you can do to deter burglars and keep a home safe and secure. Preventing burglary from happening is about being aware and making a few steps to help to make your home less of a target.  Extra measures can also be taken by adding electronic security systems, such as a good quality Burglar alarm. A professionally installed intruder alarm system acts as a visual deterrent and helps to keep the burglars and thieves away.

We always recommend to home owners that they take a few simple steps to prevent burglary. It’s surprising just how changing a few small things can make a difference, things like making sure that your garden areas are always looking clean and tidy, this makes the burglar think that the home owner is regularly on top of things. We strongly recommend that you never leave things lying around the garden, such as garden tool etc. Most people would not believe that something as simple as a garden spade will provide a burglar with a great tool to break into your property, generally by a side or rear window or even by using a spade to force a side or back door or  possible French or sliding doors.

When you leave your property, make sure all doors and windows are locked securely. Adding things like plug in timers can be an n excellent prevention. These small and yet extremely cheap devices will turn your lights on and off randomly, giving an excellent deterrent to burglars by making them believe that someone is at home. Even if you are leaving your home for a short time, maybe a quick visit to the shop at the end of the road or the local supermarket, make sure that you leave a burglar with as little opportunity as possible.The one thing that people still do quite often is leave small notes on their doors or front windows.

The one thing that people still do quite often is leave small notes on their doors or front windows.
Generally, you are waiting in for a delivery or a repair man to call but you really have to pop out for five or ten minutes so you leave a note stating the obvious. All a burglar needs is a five minute window of opportunity.
Lots of people still leave a spare key under door mats or plant pots or similar places around the front door.
We recommend that if a key must be left available for whatever reason, you install a small wall mounted security key box that has a combination lock on it. These can be purchased for under £20.00 from a local hardware store. This is such a small price to pay to secure a key that will allow burglars a very easy access


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