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PSE Security Services Ltd provide monitoring services for home and business Intruder alarm systems. Our alarm system monitoring can be installed for both new and existing home and business security systems. Monitored systems are connected to an Alam Receiving Centre via standard telephone line or mobile network.

An ARC is a 24 hour manned control centre with dedicated staff that are trained to the highest standards in the monitoring security systems and also contacting the right authority in the event of an receiving an alert; such as Police or the Fire brigade in the case of a fire activation. 

Response : Keyholder

Keyholder response is for clients who do not require Police response, but would like the extra reassurance that either themselves or a nominated keyholder will be contacted should an alarm condition occur. If the Alarm Receiving Centre receives an alert from your premises, they will attempt to contact a nominated keyholder to attend the your premises. The ARC operator will advise the keyholder that the alarm has been activated and if it the activation is a single alert or a confirmed alarm activation. A confirmed alarm activation means that more than one detector has been triggered within the premises and would indicate that an untruder is in the property. From this point, it is the responsibility of the keyholder to take the required steps to deal with this alert.

Response : Police

If your alarm system is activated and a confirmed signal is received by our ARC (subject to the system response level), the Police will be automatically notified and will respond. A confirmed signal means that the system must generate two independent alarm activations before the call can be passed on for a Police Response. Our ARC controllers will contact the premises to verify the activation. If the private passcode for the premises cannot be confirmed within a set time, the Police response will be confirmed to continue. The ARC will also contact keyholders nominated by the client to advise of an alarm activation of any kind.

Monitored systems give the added peace of mind that your home or business is connected to the (ARC) Alarm Receiving Centre and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once installed, You can relax knowing your property is secure. We can install and maintain Grade 2 and Grage 3 Monitored alarm systems at very competitive rates. All installations are subject to an initial free of charge security risk assessment being carried on your premises or property. The findings of the risk assessment will determine the type and level of system we would recommend to provide the best level of protection available

 Dualcom G2 Monitoring Hardware

Alarm Auto Diallers

A simpler form of monitoring can be achieved by installing a device onto your alarm system, called a speech Dialler, A speech dialler enables communication of alarm information to a standard telephoneor mobile telephone, with or without ARC monitoring. Upon an alarm activation, the speech dialler will call up to four contacts or key holders and inform them of the activation by way of a combination of recorded voice messages or standard text messages. The device can be connected directly to an existing standard telephone line, Broadband line or fax line and is compatible with all makes and models of control panels. 

 DualCom GPRS, RedCare Classic, RedCare GSM, RedCare Secure, RedCare Secure IP, Emizon, WebWay, DigiCom 

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