Buying Electric Gates

Why Purchase Electric Gate Motors

The demand for Gate Automation also referred to as Electric Gates is becoming more and more popular for both residential and commercial use. For most commercial and business customers, electric gates systems have risen by 40% and are considered to be a must have security feature. Over the last few years, we have seen more and more manufacturers with good quality equipment come onto the market which has made it a very competitive and reasonably priced security product.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of different types of electric gate systems available. Each end every installation is different from any other, for this reason alone it is extremely important that you choose the correct product that is suited for the job. The main differences in the systems are the installation type; this is generally referred to as an Above Ground or Below Ground type option. In addition to the installation type, we can now look at the motor type that is required, it’s very important again to choose the right motor type. Motors types include Hydraulic or Electro Mechanical.

It does not stop there; Consideration and calculations should also be made for the weight of the gate. Not all gate motors are able to operate and move all gate types. One of the most important but overlooked detail is the weight of the gate or gates. There are lots of aspects during designing your gates that will also determine the automation system you will need. The weight of the gate clearly depends on the material it is manufactured from, soft wood, hard wood, and steel or mixed are all possible options available. Are the gates made from solid or decorative ironwork, are they made from wood, and if they are wooden are they close boarded or open. Solid or close boarded gates will be affected during high winds and can affect the operation of the motors and system running.

Above ground gate kits are used to slide or open gates by being installed onto pillars or on a track. Underground gate operators are installed beneath the driveway gates and open the gates usually at a 90 degree angle. Within each of these categories are normal gate motors that can be used with smaller, lighter gates and hydraulic gate operators that are more ideal for maintenance-free use with bigger, heavier gates.

With manufacturers lowering prices and more new equipment being frequently released, it is not hard to see why people are deciding to have Electric Gate System professionally installed. All new installations look great in front of a house and very professional outside commercial premises. Additional levels of security can also be added to Electric Gate systems, these include the following; Access Control, Intercom Systems, Digital Codelocks & GSM remote control.

We have found that the main two reasons why people choose to have Electric Gates installed are Convenience and Security. The convenience of not having to open the gates themselves, imagine arriving back home in the middle of a thunder storm or heavy rain showers, do you really want to be getting out of the vehicle. Security, this goes without saying doesn’t it, the gates remain locked at all times until you need open them and is all done from the press of a button.

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