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Electric Gate Safety

Visual Inspection

Due to recent tragic incidents highlighted in the news over the previous months,
We have received a lot of enquiries from people worried about the safety of their automatic gates.

Due to the increase in calls regarding health and safety compliance from both Domestic and Commercial customers, We are pleased to announce that we have decided to offer a free of charge visual inspection of your Automated Gate Installation.

From a visual inspection we are able to see the system in operation and identify that the correct safety devices and safety procedures are in place, and also to ensure that your installation documentation is fully up to date and compliant. 

Force Testing  - BS EN 12453:2001

Force testing is a legal requirement that applies to all Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Automation Systems . 

Any gate system that has been incorrectly or poorly installed can be a serious hazard. Incorrect motor pressures and force limite settings can result in serious injury or death and should only be configured by qualified professional automation installation engineers.

Testing is carried out by using a special testing device that measures the impact of the gate against an obstable or gate post. A series of tests are carried out by the tester, this can be anything from a minimum of 10 tests to over 27 tests per installation. Once the tests are all completed the results are analysed by special software to PASS or FAIL the system.

If your Automatic Gate System Force test is FAILED, Further work will be required to bring your installation up to the required standard and compliance. This will involve additional hardware or safety devices being installed onto your Electric Gate System.  If your Automatic Gate System Force test is PASSED, We will provide a certificate.

Should I have my Electric Gates force tested ?

We advise all customers to have their system fully inspected and tested if;

1 -  The installation was not carried out by an approved or registered company
2 -  You have no installation records or completed service certificates for the system.

How much will it cost ?

£  99.00 + Vat          Swing Gates  /  Force Test, Includes Pass or Fail Certificate
£120.00 + Vat          Sliding Gates /  Force Test, Includes Pass or Fail Certificate

If you are outside our coverage area, In addition to the above charges, 
We may charge an additional mileage fee of £0.40p per mile, plus Vat.

For further information or to obtain pricing details, Please call our sales team.


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