Personal Emergency Response System

What is a Personal Emergency Response System

Personal emergency response systems are specialist alarm systems that one day might just save a life.

AmberSelect is an revolutionary personal emergency response system that will provide complete peace of mind. With its sleek design and very easy to use control unit, AmberSelect is the ultimate lifestyle support solution is idealy suited for Seniors and others with evolving healthcare concerns that wish to continue living independantly in their own home.


The system incorporates an advanced wireless home safety system with built in wireless Intruder Alarm and a fully featured lifestyle activity support system. AmberSelect can call for emergency response by calling family contacts or health care providers at the press of a button. A wide range of addons and accessories are also available for this system, providing persnal safety, smoke detectors, carbon monixide detectors, medication reminder alerts, inactivity detection, trip and fall monitoring.

Amber Select Features

* Modern design that will suit any decor
* Programmable inactivity monitoring and fall detection via clip on fall sensor
* Environmental safety detection, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Flood and Intrusion detection
* Emergency call initiation and pickup of incoming calls via remote transmitters
* Built-in two way seakerphone, with high volume and microphone adjustment
* Up to 16 custom message alerts by Voice and LCD display
* Supports up to 29 wireless detectors or transmitter devices
* Fully programmable by connected PC and supplied software
* Remote programming and service via connected telephone line
* Anti Failure protection features, Power fail alerts, Low or missing battery alerts
* Programmable Auto test to ensure operation
* Battery backup for up to 24 hours in the event of power failure

Subject to visiting your property and conducting a survey, we will discuss the options available to you.
Our engineers will professionally Install your system and will usually be fully completed within a few hours
with no mess or inconvenience caused to you.

The standard AmberSelect starter pack comes with the following;

1x AmberSelect  Mains Powered Control Panel that supports 29 wireless devices
1x AmberSelect  Mains Power plug in transformer, Plugs into a standard plug socket.
1x AmberSelect  Emergency battery backup that will provide up to 24 hours use if power fails.
1x AmberSelect  Waterproof MCT211 transmitter, Can be worn on the wrist or as a necklace pendant
1x AmberSelect  Fully detailed and easy to follow user manual

Additional detectors and transmitters and other devices can be added to the system as they are required.

Prices start from £395.00 fully installed.



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