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CCTV Special Offer

Do you have an old CCTV system that is getting a little out dated, Is the recorded footage not as good
or clear as it should be, Well we have a solution for you.

Regardless of what some companies may advise you, You no longer need to spend silly amounts of
money in replacing your whole CCTV system, You can simply upgrade your recording device to a Digital DVR.

You can gain a host of new features & options provided by a Digital Recorder ;

  Digital DVR Features

* 500 GB Internal Data Storage
* Provides up to 30 days recorded evidence.
* Mouse controlled, Easy to use on screen interface.
* Motion detection, alarm or continuous recording
* USB External backup facility.
* Remote viewing access feature. 

* Full 12 months warranty.
* Unlimited after sales support via phone or email.

Our company are commited to supplying and installing the latest in high quality products to our customers.  
With this in mind, Our wide range of Digital CCTV equipment has been extensivly tested to ensure reliability 
and performance. We have been installing this product range for a few years now with massive success.
We have two options available :

( Up to 4 Cameras )  4 CH - Installed from only £ 199.95. + Vat
( Up to 8 Cameras )  8 CH - Installed from only £ 249.95. + Vat

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